Java SE - Press Info no. 3
OCT 2012

Java SE - Press Info no. 3

Security Explorations' founder and CEO, Adam Gowdiak will give a talk at Devoxx Java Community Conference in Antwerp [1] in Nov 2012. The talk will disclose technical details pertaining to the company's research in the area of Java SE security. This research has lead to the discovery of 50 security vulnerabilities in Java implementations coming from Oracle, IBM and Apple.

During the talk, key information pertaining to Java VM security model and its operation will be presented. This will be followed by a detailed discussion of certain problems related to Java SE security and some previously unpublished exploitation techniques allowing for a complete Java VM security sandbox escape. Along with that, several sample (most interesting) vulnerabilities found during Java SE research will be also disclosed.

Security Explorations' talk at Devoxx is expected to be a mind twisting experience of which primary goal is to show how challenging and tricky Java security can be.

More information about the topic of the presentation can be found at: