Google App Engine for Java - Press Info no. 2
JAN 2016

Google App Engine for Java - Press Info no. 2

Security Explorations' founder and CEO, Adam Gowdiak will give a keynote talk at JavaLand Conference in Bruhl [1] in Mar 2016.

During the talk, an analysis of key problems related to Java platform security, its ecosystem and vendors will be given upon the experience gained by the speaker while breaking Java based software coming from Advanced Digital Broadcast, Apple, Google, IBM and Oracle.

Security Explorations has been involved in breaking security of various Java based products for the last 6 years. Over that time, the company conducted several non-commercial (Pro Bono) security research projects that resulted in a discovery of dozens of serious security issues in Java based software for desktop computers, digital satellite TV set-top-boxes, databases and cloud environments.

Beside discussing the issues that contributed to the failure of an original Java security promise and its safe mobile code execution paradigm in particular, the talk will also present real life examples of the traps some vendors fell victim of when trying to address Java security problems.